T.H.E.E. Ow-Sweet Celebrates 1st Annual Sweetheart Luncheon

Celebrating T.H.E.E. OW-Sweet, Inc

The Sweethearts of T.H.E.E. OW-Sweet Inc celebrated their Annual T.H.E.E. Annual Sweetheart Luncheon on Saturday June 2022, and formally welcomed Sweetheart Alayszah Love and Sweetheart Aijalon Allen of Pageant Court Sweet Resurgence to their magnificent order. The event was celebrated with the Brothers to T.H.E.E. Epsilon Xi Chapter and T.H.E.E. Delta Delta Omega Chapter of Iota Phi Theta Fraternity Inc.

An Introduction to the History of T.H.E.E. OW-Sweet, Inc

The event began with an introduction by Bro. Earnest Rainer (GCR Treasure) and a short history of how T.H.E.E. OW-Sweet Inc. was created. Followed by an Icebreaker with Sweetheart Courtney Mitchell and blessing of the food by Sweetheart Caprecia Bulloch, the event began to liven up as the members began to socialize with each. Spoken word and entertainment was produced by Bro. Angel Calderon.

The Recognition of Sweethearts

The acknowledgement of Sweethearts in Attendance was given to the members of T.H.E.E. OW-Sweet. The Sweethearts in attendance consisted of 3 Courts. T.H.E.E. Marvelous Dime Pieces (Fall 2009), T.H.E.E. Irregular Heartbeats (Spring 2013) and SWEET Resurgence (Spring 2022).

SweetHearts From Left to Right. Terion Woods, Alayzah Love, Caprecia Bulloch, Courtney Mitchell, Aijalon Allen, April Jones
Sweethearts From Left to Right. Terion Woods, Alayszah Love, Caprecia Bulloch, Courtney Mitchell, Aijalon Allen, April Jones

Celebrating a Sweet Resurgence

A special reignition of the newest members, Sweetheart Alayszah Love and Sweetheart Aijalon Allen of SWEET Resurgence (Spring 2022) given in fine fashion as the ladies were given gifts to commemorate this honor. These young ladies have shown their elegance, grace and resilience in becoming apart of the order and was praised for their efforts and future endeavors as new members.

Sweetheart Alayszah Love and Sweetheart Aijalon Allen of Sweet Resurgence – Spring 2022

Stroll And Pose

Soon music was playin and strolls between the orgs began to form in a circular motion around the room. Members from each organizations participated in unified strolls manifesting the bond and solidarity under T.H.E.E. Family. Pictures were take shortly afterwards of which you may find more below. A big thanks goes to the Brothers of T.H.E.E. Epsilon Xi for the quick setup an breakdown of tables, chairs, displays and ornaments for the organization, T.H.E.E. Delta Delta Omega for the event fundraising and Hampton Inn & Suites Atlanta/Marietta for their hospitality and service of their facility.


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