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At T.H.E.E., we believe in family like every family have a lot of memories.

Take a look at what we have built over the year

T.H.E.E. OW-Sweet Inc Annual Luncheon

The Sweethearts of T.H.E.E. OW-Sweet Inc celebrated their Annual T.H.E.E. Annual Sweetheart Luncheon on Saturday June 2022, and formally welcomed Sweetheart Alayszah Love and Sweetheart Aijalon Allen of Pageant Court Sweet Resurgence to their magnificent order. The event was celebrated with the Brothers to T.H.E.E. Epsilon Xi Chapter and T.H.E.E. Delta Delta Omega Chapter of Iota Phi Theta Fraternity Inc.

T.H.E.E. Spring 2022 Probate Show

On April 17, 2022, at the University of West Georgia, The Brothers of T.H.E.E. Epsilon Xi Chapter hosted their T.H.E.E. Spring 2022 probate show. They unearthed their new Spring 2022 Line I.S. T.H.E.E. New World Order (NWO) and the New Members of T.H.E.E. OW Sweet, Inc. Spring 2022 Pageant Court (P.C.) Sweet Resurgence. 

2022 Gulf Coast Regional Conference


We are not your typical chapter. We believe in family, and family looks out for one another. Learn how you can become a part of T.H.E.E. and the Iota Phi Theta Family.